1st Runner Up JUICE DJ QUEST 2009!!!

Guys, I've been torturing my brain for the last 3 weeks for this competition.. Here's the details..


The competition was pretty tight, and you know what? At the finals, I'm the only one who played eclectic, all the others played techno / tech house.. WICKED!!

The Judges are DJ Hogi / Future 10 (we meet again sir! :P), DJ Dade / 1945 MF, Deefo / JUICE / Rumus, and Regan (JUICE Editor)..

The champion is DJ R'e from Spinach, he played techno with some crazy scratch..

The 2nd runner up is DJ Ralia from RUMUS, she's only 16 or 14 years old, played tech house set, and she did some juggling and some other tricks! She is one of the upcoming female dj's in Indonesia for sure..

I learned a lot from this competition, but there's one most important thing that I realize, being different is good!

Here is all of my set, will upload the audio soon!

Filtering (10 minutes)

1. Wassup Wassup Feat. Rye Rye (DJ Sega Remix) - Diplo
2. Bubble & Squeak (Original Mix) – High Rankin Feat. GYTO
3. Party People (Bootleg Mix) – Hikack
4. Samir’s Theme (Madskillz Miami Bass Remix) – King Amir
5. Yo Yo Get Funky (Tyree’s Funky Mix) – Fast Eddie
6. AA 24 7 (Original Mix) – Dance Area

DJ tools and accapellas :
1. In the Beginning – Brook Hammer on Bubble & Squeak
2. Filthy House – Mark Knight on Party People
3. Uraqt – M.I.A on Samir’s Theme

Big 30 (15 minutes)

1. Party People (Bootleg Mix) – Hikack
2. Samir’s Theme (Original Mix) - Debonair Samir
3. Get Up (Diplo Remix) - 5A
4. The Bushman (Crookers Remix) - Magic Johnson
5. Hoy (Original Mix) - Duke Dumont
6. Pump Up the Volume (Mahesautara DJ Tools)
7. Knobbers (Original Mix) - Crookers

DJ tools and accapellas :
1. In the Beginning DJ Tool – Brook Hammer on Party People
2. In the Beginning - Brook Hammer on Samir's Theme
3. Uraqt – M.I.A on The Bushman

Semifinal (15 minutes)

1. Where's My Money (Caspa Remix)
2. Master at Work (Original Mix) - Freddo Fuori
3. Manges (Sharkslayer Club Mix) - Digital Manges
4. ID
5. WTF (Nadastrom On Drugs Remix) - Tittsworth
6. ID
7. ID

DJ tools and accapellas :
1. We are Your Friend on ID number 4
2. Technologic - Daft Punk on ID number 4
3. Uraqt – M.I.A on ID number 6
4. Some scratching samples..

Final (30 minutes)

1. XR2 (Original Mix) - M.I.A.
2. ID (Michael Jackson stuff :P)
3. Pull Up (Original Mix) - The Partysquad
4. ID (Same as ID 4 above)
5. Jump Around
6. Samir's Theme - Debonair Samir
7. Gifted (Steve Aoki Remix)
8. Manges (Sharkslayer Club Mix) - Digital Manges
9. Hoy (Original Mix) - Duke Dumont
10. Master at Work (Original Mix) - Freddo Fuori
11. Song 2 - Blur
12. Raven (Original Mix) - Proxy
13. ID (Same as ID 6 above)
14. Robot Rock - Daft Punk

DJ tools and accapellas :
1. Sirene sound for intro
2. We are Your Friend on ID number 4
3. Technologic - Daft Punk on ID number 4
4. Uraqt – M.I.A on ID number 13
5. Some scratching samples..

My favourite set is the semifinal set.. It's one of the best mix that I ever done..

I played 3 CDJs at the final though.. You know, with all those hot cues button, 2 CDJs is more than enough!

Anyway, glad to have the 1st Runner Up title..

Thanks to my family, my sister Ninus, all of my friends.. and my girlfriend Ghea d'syawal, "You're the best! I love you.. :)"

Productive m.o.d.e.

Guys, sorry for taking so long.. I was checking my project files, and I was like "God why didn't I finish this tune?!" and so on.. So currently i'm mixing and mastering all of my new tracks, so stay tune! lot's of new tracks with many different styles are coming!!

Minutes is OUT!!

The wait is over Mahesa Utara's new track Minutes is finally getting released and we managed to sign this sweet baby. After DJ's all over constantly requesting it this track has started smashing dance floors everywhere it's an absolute must have for any Dj this year !!!

Mahesa Utara
1. Original Mix
2. Emmerson & Honeywell Remix








Etc. just google it though..

Cheers! Smiley

Minutes (Honeywell & Emmerson Mix)

Minutes will be released soon.. this is the remix!

DJ Hogi / Future 10 Drops 'She Pretends' @ Redboxx Surabaya

Just found this vid on youtube.. Thanks a lot mr. Hogi! :)

Minutes (Original Mix)

One of my latest track..

I'm trying to keep it simple, just the usual Kick pattern (4 on the floor) and a strong lead sound. There is no loops in here, just single hit and my own preset for the synth. White noise, reverb and delay for the effects.

My Favourite 'Free' Compressor

Little bit on the technical side..

Talkin about compressor, how much do you compress your kick to get that punchy and FAT sound?
What compressor do you use?

My favourite is this VSME Antress compressor, guess what, it's free..

Check the website : http://antress.webng.com/
Lot's of great vintage hardware emulation!

You know the drill, fast release, medium attack, so what do you waiting for? get your kicks poundin' right now!

The L.A. Lights Indie Remix Competition

Last year was a very special year for me.
I started DJ'ing on January, started producing my own tracks on March, and I won a remix competition of L.A. Lights on September (or November? I forgot..)

This is the radio edit version of the remix, put your e-mail in the comments so i can send the link of the extended 320's.

Bedroom Studio

Check out my bedroom studio!
I use 2 decks (CDJ800 MK II)
a DJX 700 Mixer
A pair of Alesis M1Active620 Speakers
An Aspire 4520 Laptop
and ESI U46DJ as the external soundcard

Simple but powerful.

New blog!

Hi, welcome to my blog.

My name is Mahesa Utara (yes, that is my real name).

I'm a DJ, drummer and music producer from indonesia.

I will post my music and anything that related to my music production and DJ'ing career.

Lot's of production tricks and original music that I will share with all of you, so stay tune!